A Week Of Sunshine & Boobs

Freshly inspired from my trip to London last weekend, my week began, as usual, with so many ideas that I felt instantly overwhelmed and was ready for a spa break by 3pm on Tuesday.

Now that the seasons have started changing (sort of), it's become clear that this year is going crazy fast. Staying true to my goal of getting more of my work out there in the world this year, I've had a steady slew of deadlines (for open calls, competitions, residencies and such) for the past month. But, as is the nature of these things, that means a lot of work for not much demonstrable return. 

So, suppressing the ever-present paranoia that people must think I roll out of bed at 2pm and paint for a solid 40 minutes a day, I set to work creating an open call submission, this time for a spring show at a gallery in Cardiff. 

I feel like I'm finally making some headway with establishing an individual painting style - so I stuck with this and managed to create an A3 piece which, I think, relates to the spring-time theme (mainly in terms of colour and petal-like shapes). 

This was one of those pieces that I started several times, then decided I hated what I had produced and had to start over. So, not wanting this indecisiveness to drag on any longer, I finished the entire piece in one go - 12 hours of non-stop painting later - it was ready to frame. 

 No particular reason for this photo to be outside, but I was feelin my choice of sunglasses, K?

No particular reason for this photo to be outside, but I was feelin my choice of sunglasses, K?

My very efficient framing space AKA my bedroom 

'Spring' (Gouache & Acrylic on Paper)

16.5 x 23.4 in 

Mid-week and feeling like a wet noodle after my painting marathon, I needed something I could create with minimal brainpower, so decided to briefly hop on the bandwagon of embroidery and textile art. 

I've been seeing loads of illustrators and artists trying their hand at this on Instagram, and since my recent work has been an exploration of body image and the female body in general - what better way to normalise all types of body parts than to embroider a pair of delightfully saggy boobs onto the lapel of a white shirt - so that's what I did. Considering the top was an absolute ASOS sale bargain and I was able to do some relaxing embroidery whilst watching a couple of episodes of Queer Eye, I consider the project a great success. 

I've been aiming to ramp up the marketing side of my site (brand?) for a while now, so a lot of this week has consisted of researching collaborators and marketing concepts. To relieve myself from the mind-numbing complexities of Google Ad Words, and with a possible portrait-centric project in mind, I did manage to so get some small illustrative pieces done to round off a moderately productive week.