Taking My Illustrations Alfresco

So last week I found out I've been accepted to take part in the Nes artist residency in Iceland! (proper blog post to follow).

Amongst the booking of flights to the shock of realising I'm basically going to be living in the arctic for two months, for a moment I forgot that I'm going there to work, and I need to plan a project that will increase my credibility as an artist whilst at the same time making the most of the picturesque surroundings!

Whilst the main purpose of my visit will be to work on large scale paintings, I also want to continue with small scale illustrations. Not only will these be a great way to document my trip, but I think they'll make excellent future reference points if I arrange them in a scrpbook-style.

A quick Pinterest search for 'Iceland' will show you that evidently buildings are a key identifying factor of Icelandic cities such as Reykjavik. I imagine that these will be irresistable to paint - with their brightly coloured slopey rooves and quaint village arrangements - so thought now was a good time to start practicing!

I've never really been confident painting landscapes, buildings or anything vaguely perspective-related. When ever I tried sketching a building it just looked wrong. Maybe I'm just bad at painting 3D things, I dunno.

Anyway I think I'm slowly getting better. Two full sketchbook pages down and I think I'm learning how to put things in the background, middleground and foreground, and how the composition of a landscape if often much more complicated than something like a portrait or flowers.

Now I'm looking forward to drawing these things again, but from real life, not Pinterest!