Sarah Jones is a UK-based visual artist and illustrator, inspired by nature, movement and the human body. Her most recent project focuses on connections between the human body and the natural world. 

As a self-taught artist, Sarah doesn’t limit herself to one particular medium, believing that an artists’ practice should be free to develop and change over time, but at the moment believes that her ideas are best explored through painting and drawing. Sarah uses gouache, acrylic and collage to create original artworks, ranging from A6 - A2 in size. Her work often utilises colour to evoke particular moods or emotions, and is often deliberately ambiguous - encouraging the viewer to form their own ideas and perceptions about what the work could represent.

Most recently, during a stay at a residency in Iceland, Sarah began to explore abstract and figurative compositions, concentrating on simplifying landscapes and figures to mirror the simplicity and slow pace of life in Iceland. She´s also experimented with merging representations of the human body with chaotic and free-flowing patterns and shapes, to illustrate the state of the body as a constant in times of motion and change.


Artist-In-Residence Programmes:

Nes Artist Residency, Skagaströnd, Iceland

Past Exhibitions:

The Coffee Art Project at London Coffee Festival 2018

Current Exhibitions:

'Open Contemporary Young Artist Award' - Group Exhibition at The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle (May 18th - August 31st)

'Flourish' - Group Exhibition at M.A.D.E Cardiff 



If you would like to discuss projects & collaborations or have any questions about my work please email sarahillustrated@gmail.com

I also take commissions - just drop me an email if this is something that interests you!

You can also follow my work on Instagram, where I also post images of my work in progress @sarah.illustrated